DINplus wood pellets brown 6mm bulk

These wood pellets, brown 6mm, are DINplus certified for quality and Better Biomass NTA8080 certified for sustainability. These high-quality wood pellets are suitable for heat production in pellet stoves and pellet boilers. The pellets are produced from the residues of the timber industry and are environmentally friendly. Use this product only in approved and appropriate combustion systems according to manufacturer instructions and national regulations. These wood pellets has an excellent burning time and also provides cozy warmth in the house. With a pellet boiler you can also heat water for the heating of public swimming pools and apartments or even generate sustainable steam.

Het is een uitstekende brandstof voor gebruik in een daarvoor geschikte pellet kachel, pellet boiler of pellet ketel.

De houtkorrels zijn in Nederland geproduceerd van zaagresiduen uit de houtverwerkende industrie.

  • DINplus
  • Better Biomass NTA8080


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